The goats changed their lives

Sunity Hembrom used to fast in order to be able to pay for her children’s education. Now she has received two goats – a valuable source of income.  

Sunity Hembrom, her husband and their four children has been struggling to make ends meet. Both of them used to be day labourers and worked very hard to be able to put food on the table. Their own needs came second. Despite the difficult circumstances, Sunity has done everything she can to give her children a good future. She managed to pay for two of her children’s education by not eating. Most days she would fast in order to afford school for her children.

When the family received two goats, the situation changed totally. Now they can breed more goats and have an income by selling the goat kids and the milk the goats produce. That her own children now can drink milk is something Sunity used to dream of. Before, they were never able to buy milk at the market.

What used to be a dream for the family is now reality.