“The cow we received is our wealth and resource, it is our bank”


In May, my family and I received a cow from a person I have never met or seen. It was like being struck by a lightning when we heard we would receive a cow – it was unbelievable!

My husband, one of our sons and I are day labourers while our youngest son goes to school. Because of lack of money, we have never been able to send our oldest son to school. Since we haven’t had work for a period now, we were afraid that we would no longer be able to pay for school for our younger son either. We were ready to end his education and send him to work.

Our son can continue in school

Now, this cow changed our plan. The cow has given us hope and made it possible for the family to keep paying for our son’s education. Through our cow, we now have an income that covers the cost for our sons education but also food and other needs. We are so happy and thankful for the donor who gave us the best gift a family could get. We are thankful for this unexpected blessing from an unknown person; your gift has changed our lives, given us hope and empowered us for the future.

The cow is our bank

The cow we received is our wealth and resource, it’s our bank. We still can not understand that we got a cow – it’s like a dream! I pray for God’s blessing over the person who created this dream.