Giving orphans a new home

Paying for their children’s education used to be a struggle. But after taking part in Devent’s entrepreneurial program, Aidah Kasadha and her husband managed to develop their farm and make it profitable. Now they are able to receive orphans in their home as well as helping their friends make more profit in their businesses.

Aidah Kasadha

Aidah Kasadha

– We won’t give you cash, but we can teach you how to breed pigs in order to make a living.

That’s Aidah Kasadha’s answer when friends who are struggling with their income ask for her help. So far, she has helped four friends develop their farms to be more efficient and profitable. That’s something she learned when she took part in Devent’s entrepreneurial education in Butabala, Uganda. The ideas and the support she received there helped her make the right changes in order to increase profit.

Aidah Kasadha and her husband started by taking a loan to buy four pregnant sows – now they have more than 20 pigs. And selling pigs is a big part of their business today. By increasing profit they were able to make several important investments: they started to grow bananas and were able to buy corn seed with better quality. This caused their harvest to more than double, which means that they are now able to sell parts of it months later, when prices are as much as twice as high.

The changes Aidah has made since the education has increased the family income considerably – paying for their children’s education is no longer a struggle. Now the situation is totally changed and the family has been able to welcome several orphans to their home.