Does the help come through?

We are often asked this question, and can happily answer: “Yes, the help really does come through!” We have an efficient administration in Sweden and 85 % of the money we raise goes directly to the mission fields. We want to help as many children as ever possible for the donations we receive.

We are six fulltime-employees and two halftime-employees in Sweden, and we have a lot of volunteers working with us on their free time.

Children’s Mission has a 90-account: 901080-2, which means that we are under the supervision of SFI, The Swedish Foundation for Fundraising Control. You can be sure that your donations really end up in the right place.

For example in Ukraine our staff on site carefully registers all the help we distribute. This means a lot of administrative work, but it’s necessary. We want to know that the aid we distribute really reaches the right destination and helps people in need. At Children’s Mission, we are very concerned that the time, effort, work, money and love that is put down by You and ourselves reaches the needy children and others who are in need of our help.