Missions Director

Children’s Mission is not an ordinary workplace; it’s a calling and way of life.

Bo WallenbergI received the call to evangelise at the dumpsites of Manila when I meat a young girl who put her dying baby in my arms. She looked me in the eyes and pleaded: “Mr, help me”.

I was 26 years old at the time and it was my first encounter with a dying child. I did everything I could to help the girl, but on the third day the baby died. I broke down and wanted to go back to Sweden, but in the night, I saw that pleading look in the girl’s eyes and I heard her voice again and again, saying – “Mr, help me.”

I decided to work for Children’s Mission that was founded by my father, and to from that day on do everything in my power to prevent this from ever happening again.

Being Missions Director is a hard job and I am happy that I believe in God. If there is no life after this, without poverty, grief, distress and battles, what comfort could I give to all the people I meet that are in great need?

Bo Wallenberg,
Missions Director