The Foundation

Children’s Mission is a Christian relief organisation working in several countries on three continents. Children’s Mission is represented in all the Nordic countries.

Our work is mainly financed through donations from private sponsors in the Nordic countries. By partnering with the Swedish Mission Council we are able to apply for grants from Sida, the Swedish government agency responsible for the official support to developing countries. Children’s Mission is also a partner of Radiohjälpen, a part of Swedish public service radio and television.

Other important support comes from our Second hand-stores Öppna Hjärtat (Open Heart).

Children’s Mission has a 90-account, which guarantees that the donations are being used correctly. The organisation SFI, The Swedish Foundation for Fundraising Control, issues these accounts and annually controls them to make sure that the donations end up in the right place. According to the directives of SFI, not more than 25 % can be used for administration and fundraising.

Through the years, Children’s Mission has proven that the raised means really go towards their right purpose – and at a low administrative cost. During 2013, our fundraising- and administration costs were as low as 15,2 %. Our annual reports are available in Swedish on our Swedish website.

This is how Children’s Mission ensures that our donations end up where they should:

  • The work is annually controlled by a certified accountant
  •  Only three members of the board have the right to, in union of at least two, sign for the foundation on issues related to finances
  • No employee or anyone connected to the organisation has the right to receive donations in cash
  • Donations are to be deposited by the donor him- or herself at the foundations account
  • All economic actions are to be attested by two people