Nils-Eric Claesson
Chairman of the board, pastor

Has many years of experience as executive manager as well as being a commissioner of the Pentecostal churches’ development cooperation.

Ragnar Smittberg
Member of the board, manager

Former chairman of KFUK-KFUM’s national board. Worked as security chief for a large company. Has done several studies for Forum Syd. Runs two companies within the fields of security and media. Has been a part of the board at both The Navigators and NavPartners.


Anders Ljung
Member of the board

Experience in market- and management issues, operational planning and construction law. Has experience from project managing and several leadership positions. Has worked with the City Tunnel in Malmö and is currently working as the head of unit at VA SYD, Malmö.


Maud Andersson
Member of the board, administrative official at PMU

Many years of experience from leadership positions at PMU Interlife, including eight years as director. 25 years as a missionary in Kenya, working with administration and project management.

Bo Wallenberg
Member of the board, Missions Director

Has worked with Children’s Mission since it was founded, starting as a volunteer. Missions Director since 1996. Many years of experience from fundraising, evangelisation and aid work.


Eva Kerschner
Member of the board

Economist with many years of experience from accounting and analysis. Works as a controller within small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lena Boberg
Member of the board

Has experience within organisational development, learning and project planning in the non-profit sector. Has worked with popular education in Sweden and South Africa. Former employee at Swedish Mission Council. Is currently working as a consultant in the field of learning and development.

Christina Backman
Member of the board, consultant

Legal expert with many years of experience from the banking industry. Has been working with foundations for ten years.