Core values

Children’s Mission is a Christian organisation longing to see a more just world. We are working with social and humanitarian efforts directed at children, youth and families, regardless of gender, ethnic, religious or political affiliation.
We want to make it possible for more people to live a life in dignity – which we do through seeing and developing individuals’ potentials.

Our mission comes from the bible where we are challenged to help the most needy and work for justice and redemption for those who are living in poverty and vulnerability.


Everyone who is involved in the work of Children’s Mission should feel safe with the fact that our work is done in good stewardship. Our work should be transparent.


Being active and involved is a factor that develops and strengthens the ability to create a change.
Everyone who is a part of the work of Children’s Mission should be able to feel involved.


The work of Children’s Mission should be characterised by respect for every person affected by it.


Our work should contribute to sustainable change, both regarding people and the environment.


Children’s Mission wants to make room for learning in all parts of our work.